Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 8AM - 6PM


Express Facial(30 minutes) R220

Full Facial (Skin Facial)(60 minutes)R350

Anti Ageing Facial(60 minutes) R450


Full body exfoliation (30mins) R220
Full body exfoliation (60mins) R350
Cellulite (Area Specific). (30mins) R350


Back,Neck,Shouder (30mins)R250 (45mins)R350

Swedish Massage (60mins)
R500 (90mins) R650

Aromatherapy (60mins) R650

Deep tissue Massage (60mins) R650 (90mins) R750

Hotstones Massage (60mins) R550 (90mins) R650

Pregnancy Massage (60mins) R650

Foot Massage (30mins) R200 (40 mins) R350

Head scalp massage (30mins) R200 (40mins)R350

Hostones Add on R100


Eyebrow’s Shaping R90
Eyelashes tint R90
Eyebrow tint R90
Lip R90
Chin R90
Full face R240
Underarms R120
Full bikini R280
Half Arm R140
Full arm R200
Half leg R185
Full leg R260
Brazillian R250
Full stomach R140
Naval line R100
Half back R140
Full back R170


Wash and tong R200
Spirals R200
Spirals on weave R250
Dry perm R200
Rollers R80
Rollers on weave R100
Pondo R150
Wedding style R350
Braid style R100


Attachment only R250
Attachment and cut R300
Attachment (human hair) R350
Wig making R450


Starting- R350
Wash twist and style R250
Style only R100

Crocheting Afro hair
Retouch R500
Start R600 S
R800 M
R1000 L

Dreadlocks Extensions R1000 S
R1500 M
R1800 L

Crocheting Caucasien Haïr
Retouch (Repair) R700
Silky hair start R800 S
R1200 M
R1600 L


Gel overlay hands R150
Extra long nails R350
Ombré R250
Acrylic R250
Gel with tips R250
Gel Hands and Toes R300

Natural/French R325

Natural tips with gel polish R480

Natural tips with French overlay R355


Stones small per stone R3

Stones medium per stone R4

Stones large per stone R6

Dotting,stripping,fading ,glitter per nail R6

Basic flower per nail R6


Soak off Ann’s other salon R85

Buff and re glaze R175

Nail repair in treatment R30

New nail in treatment R45

Varnish R90

French varnish R105

Refill R200

Buff file paint R75

Exfoliate R75

Foot file cuticle grooming R75

French paint R25

Cuticle warm soak R85

Soak,file and buff R85


Wash n blow R100
Wash and blow natural R150
Wash weaves S R150
Wash human hair L R180
Treat weave R250
Wash braids R150
Treat braids R200
Mizani wash R200
Ladine wash R150
Undo weave and wash R200
Undo braids and wash R200
Undo pick n drop wash R180
Undo free hand wash R120


Full head R250
Highlights R150
Human hair highlight R250
Human half weave R400
Human hair full weave R600


Braids R100
Weaves R50
Pick n drop R80
Free hand R40


Scissors cut R150
Men’s cut R80
Cut and Shave R100
Shave R30
Kid cut R50
Trim R30
S Curl n cut R200
Ladies cut R100
Cut and color R200
Cut wash and blow R200


Mizani normal (first time) R480
Mizani Norma (retouch) R400
Mizani sensitive (first time) R580
Mizani sensitive (retouch) R500
Dark n lovely (first time) R250
Dark n lovely (retouch) R200
Ladine (first time) R300
Ladine (retouch) R250
Organic (first time)R300
Organic (retouch) R250
Long and lasting (first time ) R250
Long and lasting (retouch) R200
Restore (first time)R180
Restore (retouch) R150
Soft n free (first time) R180
Soft n free (retouch) R150
Revlon (first time) R180
Revlon (Retouch) R150
Blow out (first time ) R200
Blow out (retouch) R150
Brazillian blow out R800
Brazillian blow out (retouch) R400
Wet perm (normal )R250
Wet perm (ladine) R350


Mizani normal (relaxed hair) R280
Mizani normal (Natural hair) R330
Mizani scalp (relaxed hair)R300
Mizani scalp (natural hair) R350
Ladine (relaxed hair)R150
Ladine (natural hair) R200
Dark n lovely (relaxed hair) R120
Dark n lovely (natural hair) R180
Mayonnaise (relaxed hair) R150
Mayonnaise (natural hair) R200
Oil treatment (Scalp RH) R150
Oil treatment (Scalp NH) R200
Normal treatment (RH) R120
Normal treatment (NR) R170


Free hand straight back R70 L
120 M
R180 S
Free hand style R150 M
R180 S
Cornrows straight R200 M R250 L
Cornrows upstyle R250 M R300 L
Designed cornrows R200 STB R300 (UPS)

Bob R400
Half corn braids/twist R400 M
R500 L R600 Xl
Ox braids R500 M R600 L R700Xl

Singles,twists,braids R500 M R700 L R850 XL
Micro braids R700 M R900 L R1200 XL
Singles elastic R800
Pick n drop R400
Micro braids R500
Faux locks R600 M R800 L